Saving Google Docs

DocsAutomator lets you save Google Docs in addition to PDF, so you can continue editing even after generation


If you want to keep editing documents after they are generated, saving the Google Doc allows you to do so.

Optionally, you can set the "Google Doc Destination Folder" which determines where the Google Doc will be stored in your Google Drive.

Sharing / visibility settings

Stored Google Docs inherit sharing options from their parent folder. Example: If the folder is publicly shared, view only, the stored Google Doc will have the same sharing settings.

Save Google Doc in Airtable

If you're using Airtable as your data source, enabling "Save Google Doc?" will show an additional field in the Airtable mapping section:

This allows you to pick a field in Airtable where the link to the Google will be stored.

Save Google Doc via the API

If you're using DocsAutomator's API, the API response will include an additional key "googleDocUrl" with the link to the Google Doc as its value. See DocsAutomator API for more.

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