Advanced Placeholder Options

Advanced features to tweak the visibility and style of values and lines / rows in your documents

Next to every placeholder / variable, you find a settings symbol opening the menu for advanced placeholder options:

When opening this menu, you see the following popover appear:

Advanced placeholder options are available for all data sources and across any type of element in DocsAutomator (incl. line items)

You can set the behaviour for variables and their values in these three areas:

  1. Delete line / row when empty: Let's you delete the entire line or row (if the placeholder is in a table) if no value is passed or the value is empty. This allows for dynamically building very complex documents. Learn more: Conditional Line / Row Deletion

  2. Show / hide conditionally: If you want to show or hide values if a certain value is passed, please use show / hide conditionally. Learn more: Conditional Show / Hide

  3. Style conditionally: Almost any of Google Doc's text styles can be set conditionally. Learn more: Conditional Styling

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